My father and grandfather were organic farmers, which was the natural way of life on our family’s ancestral land in the Al Salt mountain and hill region of northwest Jordan (click for map), about 15 miles/20 kilometers from the Dead Sea. In a climate of intense sunshine and fertile soil, my family followed a thousand years-old tradition and culture of planting, harvesting and producing some of the best tasting grapes and olives.

As a child, I traveled with my father to our family’s farm to learn the traditional ways and enjoy the products of his labor. His grapes, grown organically in accordance with tradition, were the best I’d ever tasted. From day one, organic food has been part of our family.

My father never heard of using chemical pesticides or fertilizers. He always relied on knowledge and wisdom from his parents, grandparents and family to produce food free of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Arabica operated from 2013 until January 2016, when we decided to sell our space to another restaurant’s concept.

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